Facebook Puts A Price On Permission

Chad White

As the latest effort to make email more like postal mail, Facebook’s new Paid Messages program is completely fascinating to me. The program, which is in beta, allows individuals to pay $1 to send someone outside of their network a message and have it land in the recipient's inbox instead of the junk-collecting black hole-like “Other” folder.

Three Reasons Why Twitter's Vine is the Future of Content Marketing

Ryan Sommer

Yesterday Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo tweeted a six second video clip of himself making steak to his 1M+ followers.
This is a big deal to many because it was using the tech behind Vine, a video sharing startup acquired by Twitter.
It should be a big deal to content marketers everywhere because it's a glimpse into the future.
Doing content marketing well means not only organizing and controlling tone/message, but also getting it seen by others. As I've already posted here, journalists are at the top of the food chain when it comes to generating a ...

Teach a Man to Phish . . . And Make Him a Millionaire

Guy Hanson

In his recent Predictions & Unpredictions for 2013 blog post, our CEO Matt Blumberg talked about how brands’ marketing and security functions will need to join forces to fight phishing. One key reason is that phishers and spoofers are continually getting smarter, applying an impressive range of best practices to make their emails ever-more compelling and believable.
Consider this example that I received recently from...

Tags: News, Privacy

Yahoo Mail Users Hit by Widespread Hacking, XSS Exploit Seemingly to Blame (Update: Fixed)

Emil Protalinski

Late last night reports started coming in suggesting that Yahoo Mail users have had their accounts hacked. While “hacked” is a very broad term nowadays, it does appear that Yahoo email accounts are being compromised after users click on a malicious link they receive in their inboxes.
Update at 6:20PM EST: Yahoo says it has plugged the security hole in question as detailed at the bottom of this article.
A bit of digging shows the attack seems to have been carried out by a lone hacker by the name Shahin Ramezany. He has uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating how to ...

Google Launches New Experimental Search Features For Tracking Your Online Purchases, Reservations & Events From Gmail

Frederic Lardinois

Google has long been running a number of experimental Search and Gmail field trials anybody can sign up for and today it’s launching a few nifty new search features for searching your Gmail inbox from on the desktop and your iOS or Android phone.

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