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100 Years of Email Marketing Success with These 2 Timeless Tips

Justin Williams

Tis the season of marketing predictions. Now that 2013 is over, what will 2014 bring? Next year, once 2014 has passed, the question will become: what will 2015 bring?
While I respect the importance of looking ahead and thinking about what's next - and the natural tendency to do so around January 1st every year - too many marketers are still missing the strategies that are core to effective campaigns. These strategies will make marketing effective not just in 2014, but for the imaginable future.

Q3 2013 Email Trends and Benchmarks

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Beyond the Welcome
From new technologies to mobile devices, the ways in which consumers engage with email continue to evolve. So far, this year we have witnessed the development of several new strategies and solutions that have advanced the email channel and its impact on consumer behavior.

Your Email Marketing as Cinderella: Treat It Like a Princess, Not a Servant

Karen Talavera

There is abundant proof that email, after over a decade of successful use, is not only the connective tissue of all data-driven marketing but also the revenue-producing heart of digital efforts.
Yet, despite claiming the highest ROI of all direct marketing channels at $28.50 in sales generated for every $1 of spending (DMA 2012 Response Rate Report), the highest driver of online conversions, and the number two spot (behind only search) in new customer acquisition, email marketing is still too often swept out of sight, called upon only when we need miracles worked.

Use Email to Amplify Content, Search & Social

Annie Condron

Integrated, cross-channel, omni-channel, multi-channel or good old fashioned teamwork... no matter how you classify your marketing efforts, there's no "I" in modern digital marketing.
Email marketing, just one component, must embody the tone and approach of a brand's larger digital communication strategy, working in unison with on-site content, SEO, off-site content, email, social media and search campaigns, etc. This seems like a simple concept, but scalable integration is one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing at the enterprise level...

2 Industry Terms That Need to Die

iMedia Editors

The marketing industry is full of meaningless buzzwords, and sometimes good terms become outdated over time. Here are the worst offenders.

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