Email Marketing

Common marketing emails that no longer work

Mark Brown

Like most things in life, email marketing evolves and changes with the times -- what worked for your baby-boomer in the early 90s isn't going to work for you now. People are smarter, more cynical, and ultimately more jaded than in the past because they've seen it all.
Here are some examples of marketing emails that are no longer effective and what you can do to salvage this unfortunate situation....

How to Connect With Email-Fatigued Prospects in Three Simple Steps

Christopher Lester

After surviving the competitive holiday season, many marketers could use a break. Unfortunately, new challenges come with the turn of the calendar page.
Many people feel compelled to clean hypothetical house at the start of each new year—purging clutter, conquering unhealthy habits, and opting out of emails from the brands that crammed their inboxes in December.
So, how can modern marketers deal with this detox mode—and make sure...

Increase Your (Mobile!) Email Open Rates: How to Optimize the Only Three Lines That Matter

Aaron Orendorff

There are a lot of guides out there to help you increase your email open rates. Why?
Simple: unopened email is a dead email.
Doesn't matter if your visuals seduce, your copy persuades, or your CTA compels. Unread is dead.
But here's the thing: Almost none of those guides focuses on the ....

Email List Growth: More Than Just a Numbers Game

Elyse Dupré

Marketing is often considered a numbers game. How many followers did we get? What are the email open and click-through rates? How much revenue did this campaign generate? You get the idea.
On the surface, no marketing practice seems to embody this tally-centric mentality more than email list growth. After all, what could be more quantifiable than measuring contact count? But actually, quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to building a successful subscriber base.
“It's do you want more or do you want ...

A Look Back at 44 Years of Email

Willie Pena

We’ve seen plenty of changes over the past 44 years, and one of the most significant changes is how email has become a staple in our everyday lives. In celebration of emails 44th anniversary this year, let’s use this infographic from email marketing provider Reachmail to take a look back at the evolution of email.

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