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Most Email Is Now Invisible To Hackers and Government Surveillance

Jack Dutton

How often do you open your email and wonder whether anyone else may have looked at it before you? If your email is not encrypted, you may have a good reason to worry.
Encryption involves encoding information sent in emails so that third parties cannot read it. Emails that are not encrypted can easily be read by hackers, or the government, if they are intercepted. ...

3 Gmail Innovations to Watch Out For

Mark Brown

Google has changed the way we see the internet.
The idea of the internet has gone from basements, coke-bottle glasses, and Mountain Dew to an easy, everyday occurrence that your grandmother could use thanks to Google.
Neil Armstrong once said that it is human nature to fight against the odds, as salmon swim against the stream -- but he didn’t say anything about the tsunami that is Google!

How Do You Allocate Your Email Customer Acquisition Budget?

Neil Rosen

How do you allocate your customer-acquisition budget?
The Internet has opened up seemingly endless avenues and choices for digital B2C marketers when it comes to acquiring new customers for their email marketing campaigns. There are so many choices, in fact, that it’s increasingly easy to become confused -- and because of that, to commit the cardinal sin of spending budget haphazardly.

5 Tips for Winning Triggered Email Product Review Campaigns

Margaret Farmakis

When I think of what email marketers really want, I'm tempted to paraphrase Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street, substituting "greed" for "more."

How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Julie Knight

Every email marketing campaign needs social media – and integrating it into your customer database makes it even more effective.
So why should you be on social media? There’s one simple reason – and another more complex one.
Let’s start simple: Because your customers are.

  • LinkedIn has over 200m active users…
  • …Facebook has over a billion!
  • There are 200m Twitter users, each with...

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