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A Look at the Inbox: When Did Black Friday Really Start?

Jim Davidson

Marketers seems to begin their holiday promotions earlier and earlier each year. Here's a look at what brands are doing to prepare for Black Friday, and how early they are starting their promotions.
The trumpets blared. The bells rang. The proclamation that Black Friday had started resounded throughout the land as soon as the kids were done trick-or-treating. For better or worse, this "early start" to Black Friday and the holiday shopping season really fired up the annual debate over whether the holidays start too early.
With Thanksgiving Day falling ...

Publishers' Top Email Marketing Pain Points [Infographic]

Ayaz Nanji

More than half (54%) of companies in the publishing industry say list growth is a major email marketing pain point, according to a recent report from FOLIO and Lyris.
Publishers' other top email pain points include dynamic content/personalization (42% cite as an issue), list maintenance (41%), mobile optimization (33%), analytics (33%), segmentation (30%), and ...

Google’s Inbox and What It Means for Email Marketers – Part 2

Simms Jenkins

In the second part of this series on Google's newest email innovation, Google Inbox, email marketing experts weigh in on how the new product will affect marketers.
In part two of this series, I pick up talking about the latest and greatest news from the email world: Google's Inbox. Three email vets chime in on key takeaways and advice. P.S.: Don't panic! ...

Dreaming of Your Holiday Email Campaign? Avoid These Mistakes

Lisa Barone

The holidays will be here before you know it, and these five tips can help ensure you have a successful holiday email campaign.
Check a calendar lately? The holidays, man – they are coming and they’re coming fast. And with them come the heaviest shopping days of the year.
Is your business ready to take advantage?
If you’re like most, you plan to use the end of the year to...

The 2014 Guide to Stress-Free Holiday Email Marketing

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26 shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas
If your brand is behind in your holiday planning, take heart. We’re not judging. In fact, we designed this guide specifically for you.
The tips, warnings, and creativity within will help you focus on the right tactics to make 2014 a winning season:

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