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A Day with Inbox: has Google Fixed Email?

Maximilian Tatton-Brown

We all use email differently so here’s my context: I run Inbox Zero + a simple Getting Things Done policy to my email and task list. I’ve been using Mailbox to triage and smash through my inbox, both on mobile and with the new desktop beta.
I’m a firm believer that if you read an email and don’t take some kind of action with it, it festers in your unconscious.
Inbox by Gmail appears to be made for me -- and indeed anyone who appreciates that ...

Email Marketers Need Not Apply

Elyse Dupré

Only 6% of companies deem email a desirable skill when hiring staff. Specialists are out, brand generalists are back in, says a new Forrester study.
Only 6% of marketing decision makers rank email marketing as the most important skill they consider when hiring or developing staff, according to a recently released study by research company Forrester Consulting and data-driven solution provider Oracle. In addition, just 2% of the respondents from France, Germany, the U.K., and U.S. list mobile strategy as their top-considered capability and a mere 1% say the same for social.

In Strategy and Design, Simplicity is the Good Manners of Our Age

Dave Wieneke

In a world which demands 'more, done better, and faster,' simplicity has taken on the power of a moral imperative.
In America, the average hours worked per week is now 47 hours, that’s nearly a six day work week. As parents, professionals, and members of little used gyms, the admonition to 'Be All You Can Be' is a self-escalating puzzle.
In the context of the more specialized and complex requirements faced in life, making one’s communications simple may be as important as ...

Google Inbox Could Make It Easier to Ignore Email

Emily Alford

As content marketers anticipate the widespread adoption of Google Inbox, they must also prepare to personalize content so that it doesn't get pushed aside.
Google Inbox offers users a new way to sort and view email, which could make it more difficult for many email marketers to stay visible.

Hit a Home Run With Your A-B Testing [Infographic]

Verónica Maria Jarski

Although Americans spend $25.4 billion each year on professional sports, sports websites have a conversion rate of just 1%.
How can those sports websites—and other businesses—increase their website sales?
"A/B testing could help you to double, triple, or even...

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