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Google's New Email App Won't Have Ads, Will Bundle Brands' Emails

Tim Peterson

Google released a new email app called Inbox on Wednesday that can best be described as Gmail-lite.
Intended to be less time-consuming than Google's original email service, Inbox borrows some of Gmail's features like prioritizing important messages and leaves out others, like ads.
"The team is focused on developing the product, and there are no ads in Inbox right now," said a Google spokeswoman in an email.
However ...

Google Launches Inbox to Reinvent the Email App

Pete Pachal

Google wants to change email for the better. To do it, it's launching a new email app, separate from Gmail, called Inbox.
Announced via blog post, Inbox builds upon Gmail's relatively successful tabs, which introduced new buckets for Social updates and Promotions. The app features Bundles, which will group together similar kinds of messages, so things like bank statements and receipts are grouped together. Bundles will be user-customizable as well....

The Five: Tips on Effective Email Marketing

Hanah Cho

With different social media tools out there, how do you still engage customers with email? Holly Mason offers tips on launching an effective email marketing campaign.
Mason is president and owner of MasonBaronet, an integrated marketing communications firm in Dallas. Mason works with everything from Fortune 500 companies to startups.
Email is just one of many marketing tools ...

Four Brand Emails That Offer Tricks and Treats

Elyse Dupré

Email marketers have been known to pull a trick or two. Misleading subject lines, unreliable list purchases, and hidden unsubscribe buttons are a few of their most common ploys. However, email marketing can have a much sweeter side. Clever puns, valuable content, and effective uses of data can make email a delectable form of communication that subscribers actually enjoy consuming.
In honor of Halloween, I decided to highlight the tricks (weaknesses) and the treats (strengths) ...

When Should Marketers Send Holiday-Themed Emails?

Ayaz Nanji

Christmas-themed and general winter holiday season emails have higher open rates when sent weeks or even months earlier than immediately before the target holiday, according to a recent report from Yesmail Interactive.
However, themed emails for holidays that do not usually involve gift-giving (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) have the best open rates right before the holiday or ...

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