Email Marketing

Use Email to Amplify Content, Search & Social

Annie Condron

Integrated, cross-channel, omni-channel, multi-channel or good old fashioned teamwork... no matter how you classify your marketing efforts, there's no "I" in modern digital marketing.
Email marketing, just one component, must embody the tone and approach of a brand's larger digital communication strategy, working in unison with on-site content, SEO, off-site content, email, social media and search campaigns, etc. This seems like a simple concept, but scalable integration is one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing at the enterprise level...

2 Industry Terms That Need to Die

iMedia Editors

The marketing industry is full of meaningless buzzwords, and sometimes good terms become outdated over time. Here are the worst offenders.

Think Your Marketing is Effective? It's all Relative…

Nathaniel Kangpan

Your new advertising campaign has a 5% higher response rate than the old campaign you just retired. Good news, right? I would argue it depends...
A Quick Story

Why Marketers Think Email Can Become Even More Efficient

Bola Awoniyi

Marketers that feel there is just not enough time to spend on email marketing, you may be slightly comforted to know that you are not alone.
The bid to keep up with the evolving nature of email marketing is a challenge many organisations are struggling with, according to marketers that attended Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing.
Several senior client-side marketers gathered together for Digital Cream during the Festival, where email marketing, among other topics, was discussed at great lengths...

3 Key Trends in Email Marketing & What to Do Now


Yesterday, I posted the big 3 highlights from Epsilon’s just released Email Trends & Benchmark Report.
As a marketer, I enjoy comparing my campaign metrics to the industry as whole and, in particular, I like learning which verticals have the best email performance so I can look to brands in those sectors for fresh ideas.

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