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The 10 most innovative emails of 2014

Christopher Marriott

At The Relevancy Group, we live and breathe email marketing. We work with some of the biggest email marketers in the industry, as well as all of the top ESPs. And while we try to act as honest brokers in the work we do, we are still consumers when the work day is over. As consumers who receive a lot of commercial email, we are just as likely as anyone else to engage with great emails and ignore those that aren't so great. So once again, as the year approaches its ending, we bring you our list of the 10 most innovative emails of the year.

50% of consumers who want marketing comms prefer them via email

Helen Leggatt

Email is getting some great PR recently with several surveys noting the channel is preferred by both marketers and consumers alike. Here's another, this time from Message Systems, that shows email is the most popular communication channel among consumers....

It's the End of 2014. Where's Personalization Now?


It seems like everywhere we’ve turned this year people have talking about the need for personalization. But October 2014 polling by Econsultancy in association with Adobe found that personalization efforts were still far from advanced.
Just 5% of client-side marketers worldwide said they were personalizing extensively, and 10% of agency professionals said the same about their clients. Meanwhile, 29% of marketers and 26% of agencies’ clients weren’t ...

Email Marketing in 2015: What's In and What's Out

Natasha D Smith

There's no question; email remains the undisputed leader for marketing messages.
In fact, the results of a recent survey from email platform Message Systems highlights email's staunch popularity among shoppers, with 25% percent of respondents saying that email remains their clear favorite for marketing messages; compare that with 9% who prefer text messages, 7% who say they want postal mail, and 5% who prefer social media.
But despite its persistent popularity, marketers still can have a tough time knowing how to craft the ...

Email Marketing: Subject Lines You Can Bet On

Mark Debono

Can you hear it? Well, no, actually you cannot, but every second almost two-and-a-half billion emails are deposited in somebody’s inbox: an awe-inspiring communication feat indeed were it not for its absolute ordinariness.
You know what they say; the money’s is in the list
List-building is a core activity in email marketing and much has been said and written about it. List-profiting; that’s something people tend to talk less about. Turning email addresses into paying customers should be the primary goal of your email marketing efforts...

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