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Marketers Speak out on Data, Email, and the Customer Experience

Ginger Conlon

Occasionally something said grabs you and makes you really think—or rethink an approach you take. I hear many of these at the conferences I attend and during discussions I have with marketing executives from brands and vendors alike. Here, a roundup of recent thought-provoking comments, quips, and quotes. Of course, data is the prevailing theme.
“The concept of first-party data is essential to customer acquisition, but just as important is third-party data to ...

Email Marketing’s Day in the Sun

Catherine Magoffin

As indicated by a new report, email has a bright future as the hub of integrated, cross-channel marketing efforts. How can marketers use new innovations to optimize their email messaging impact?

6 Do's and Don'ts for Trigger Emails

Elyse Dupré

Triggered email messages generated nearly 65% higher open rates in the first quarter of this year than business-as-usual emails, according to Epsilon's “Q1 2014 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Report.” With results like that, savvy marketers continue to look for fresh trigger strategies. One effective approach: Let's call them micro-triggers.

My Channel, My Choice Infographic

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With high expectations and an abundance of options, today’s consumers can shop how, when, and wherever they prefer—online, on the phone, in a cab, or in their favorite store. Personalizing these interactions when and where consumers want is the top priority for retailers today.
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Avoid the Trash Can: When to Send Emails


Email open rates improved again this year, thanks to consumers’ ever-growing use of mobile devices to manage their inboxes. Yet key benchmarks such as click rate and transaction rate continue to decline. As it gets harder to cut through the inbox clutter, email marketers increasingly seek new ways to upgrade the relevancy of their communications, according to a new eMarketer report, “Email Benchmarks 2014: Richer Data, Mobile Optimization Crucial for Greater Relevancy.”

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