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Lead Generation: How to Build Your Own List

David Kirkpatrick

Last week’s MarketingSherpa B2B Newsletter case study — “Lead Generation: Content and email combine for high-quality list building” — covered an effort by cloud replication and disaster recovery startup company, CloudEndure. The overall basis of the campaign was a process created by CloudEndure’s Vice President of Marketing, Ramel Levin, before he joined the startup. This process Ramel called BYOL, or “build your own list.”

MyFitnessPal Flexes its Content Marketing Muscle

Elyse Dupré

Driving customer engagement requires both brain and brawn: A company may have stellar intelligence, but it won't yield success unless it has the right technology to execute. Likewise, an organization can have the latest gadgets and gizmos, but it won't see any ROI if it doesn't have a plan on how to use its technology effectively.
Tara-Nicholle Nelson, VP of marketing of MyFitnessPal, talked about how the health and fitness app relied on marketing automation to tone up its own content marketing and email programs during a session at Advertising Week in New York....

Stop Losing Subscribers: Slash Unsub Rates With Opt-Down Options

Jen Capstraw

Subscriber attrition is a contentious topic among email marketers. Most folks fall into one of two very distinct camps:
The Just-In-Case Crew. This faction wants to keep mailing lists large and opt-out rates low, even if conversion rates are modest.
The Lean Marketing Machine. This group is eager to shed dead weight and target a smaller, more engaged audience that produces higher conversion rates.
Regardless of which gang you get behind, there’s one tactic that’s universally valuable: the “opt-down” subscription option.

Fall Is Time For Balance In Your Email Marketing Program

Amanda Hinkle

This week marked the beginning of fall, signaling shorter days, cooler weather, heavier foods and yup… holidays that are right around the corner. As we move past the autumnal equinox, Forbes contributor Frances Booth encourages us to think about balance– and I agree.
Achieving balance does not necessarily mean that all elements are equal. It simply means that they are in the correct proportions. Building on this sentiment, let’s consider how we can strike the right balance in our email marketing programs to drive engagement....

Leading a Digital Marketing Evolution

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Lessons in Transformation, Culture, and Technology from the Global 1,000
New research published by Econsultancy, and in partnership with Epsilon, takes a in-depth look at how Global 1,000 enterprises are responding and adapting—or not—to the challenges of the digital evolution.
Insights from this exclusive report:

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