Humor Me! Lighten Up Your B2B Marketing and Get Results

Kathy Klotz-Guest

If you read my blog or any article I’ve written, you know this is mission of mercy for me. As a marketer, storyteller and comic improviser, I have seen humor deliver results online, offline, and across social media. Humor IS human and in a world of sameness, increasing noise and complexity (big data, blah, blah, blah), humor has the ability to start a conversation in a way that boring, white-noise messaging cannot. Make no mistake – the situation is getting worse. Take any press release for a high-tech company, cut out the company name, and you have messaging that sounds the same. Paradigm-shift, anyone? Sure you’re unique – just like *everyone else!*

Here’s the reality: “Safe” is the new risky. Whether it’s using humor or another method, b2b marketing needs a lighthearted, human touch if it is to stand out...

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